SLOW down
You move too fast
You’ve got to let the
Morning last ......”

Famous words from one of the most poetic and loved bands from the 60’s ‘Simon & Garfunkel’ known for their beautiful harmonies and impressionistic lyrics. This then sums up the philosophy with which we live by.

Because each article or piece of furniture that comes out of our production house is the result of hours of thought behind the designs, days of planning and months of production processes – all because we want you to have an experience, a relationship and a communication with the product you buy from us.

This effort takes time and we know that you know how precious that is. So take your time and make each decision count. Welcome to lets build a relationship and discover each other slowly & steadily.

A brief overview of our store in Lado Sarai, Delhi.

This is where the magic begins!

Our production facility in Noida.