Space and Access Policy


 As much as we love our products and how carefully they are handled and hand-crafted in our factories, it is utmost important for us to secure these products while in transit for the safety of the goods, considering unpredictable and multiple handling at times may damage these goods. We secure most of the goods with multilayer packaging involving Plastic wraps, EP wraps, Foam sheets, Foam Corners all packed in Corrugated boxes. To further secure these, we sometimes pack them in wooden crates if required. We understand that these wooden crates make the packaging heavy and bulky, however they are absolutely necessary for securing these expensive products during the transit and are unavoidable. In fact, we spend a huge amount of money making these crates in order to secure the products.

Please note that our packets are not equipped for lifting with a crane or a sling.


It is most important to make sure that the furniture you buy will fit through the property access and into the intended space in your house. Make sure that there is enough height, width and diagonal depth to accommodate your furniture's entry and that there's plenty of room to manoeuvre around corners and through doors. This will ensure the smooth entry of your furniture into your room without any scratches to your walls, doors, etc. It is also to be taken into account that the furniture pcs are having a packaging and space for the personnel holding the packet which may be more than that of the product. 

Measurement of furniture/ packages is customer's responsibility and we encourage to study the sizes mentioned on the product page carefully and see if the furniture you order fits into your entryway and rooms before ordering the products. We will not be responsible if the furniture does not fit/ pass through the entry way/ stairway etc. Please note that any failed delivery due to any such refusal or unavailability and any subsequent attempts to deliver the goods will be charged extra by PortsideCafe or the Logistics partner. We are not responsible for any damages arising out of not clearing the pathways.


We are using different logistical partners for delivering your product depending on your location and product. For the products weighing above 25 KG and in wooden crates, our delivery person will deliver the products inside your home. They will also unpack the goods and remove the packing materials if you wish to do so. This service is available till 3rd Floor of the building if there is no lift facility is available for the furniture. The above facility is not available for products weighing less than 25 KG. If you have any queries/ concerns regarding delivery of your shipment please contact before placing the order.


Most of our furniture will not require any assembly or may require very minimal assembly. We currently do not provide assembly service. However detailed assembly instructions if any required are inserted in the package and the goods can easily be assembled with the help of a local carpenter. Incase of any help you can also contact us on our email


Before ordering, please check carefully that the products you have ordered will fit into the intended space in your home. It is extremely important that customers advise us of any potential delivery difficulties or obstacles. It is important to ensure it can fit through all the entryways, elevators and stairways of your home. Follow these steps to ensure efficient delivery. Charges will apply for re-delivery caused by failed delivery or cancellation.

Here are some important tips you need to consider before ordering your furniture:

  • Determine the best pathway from outside your home to the room where the new item will be placed.
  • Make sure all access points are unobstructed and wide enough for the desired item.
  • Measure the heights and widths of all entryways, including all stairways and hallways, both inside and outside your home.
  • Measure the interior widths, depths and heights of all elevator doors to be used for delivery.
  • Measure your entry clearance – the distance from the wall through the doorway to the opposite wall.
  • Factor in all corners, ceiling height, stairways (heights, widths, angles, banisters), and low hanging fixtures. Also account for any architectural details.
  • To ensure successful delivery, the item’s minimum clearance  must not exceed the height or width of any of the entryways (elevators and stairways included) to be used for delivery.
  • Note that the furniture measurements we provide reflect overall dimensions, and over.
  • For larger products you will also need to check there is enough space to turn the furniture.
  • Are there any internal obstacles –wall lights, ceiling fans, low hanging lights, framed prints on wall, low ceilings, beams? Have you considered them?



Check that the furniture will fit the space in the room where it will sit. The dimensions of each piece of furniture can be found on our website and the product pages. If you need any additional dimensions, please feel free to contact our Customer care or email us to
Furniture can appear smaller in the online store than it actually is. The furniture will appear a lot bigger in your room. The easiest way to check the amount of floor space a piece of furniture will take up is by marking the area out on the floor where the furniture will sit. This can be done by either using masking tape or a newspaper template. When ordering a bar or a bed with drawers, check there is enough space in the room for when opened or extended fully. Also, when you order a bunch of products (example: set of 3 tables) make sure that you have enough space in your room after you do the setting as per your wish. 

IMPORTANT: This is only a guide and does not guarantee your furniture purchase will fit. Also our delivery personnel are not equipped to remove doors and windows to effect access. If doors, windows or stair banisters need to be removed in order for the furniture to fit, you will need to arrange this on your own. you need to consider that there should be enough space for our delivery personal to handle the furniture.